Tips on Decorating a Glass Coffee Table

April 1, 2011

By: Alisa Manzelli

When decorating a glass coffee table, it is important to consider its purpose—whether for style, functionality, or a little bit of both.  Usually comprising of reading material, remote controls, beverages, ashtrays, and candy or snacks, coffee tables are faced with the task of attaining aesthetic appeal while being protected from wear and tear.  And as a coffee table is essential to the living room, one must remember that glass coffee tables are particularly susceptible to scratches.

One decorative and scratch preventative method to decorating a coffee table is to place a runner width-wise across the tabletop.  Table runners come in a variety of fabrics—vintage lace being perhaps the most popular.  However, runners are not always appropriate for many modern and contemporary coffee table designs.  Decorative drink coasters provide a great alternative, with styles ranging from hand-beaded and tile to cork and recycled materials.

One appealing decorative idea that simultaneously accommodates guests is to place an eye-catching “coffee table book” on the tabletop.  These books are usually hardcover and oversized with a captivating cover design.  They typically contain light reading and an abundance of photos and images, while reflecting the homeowner’s hobbies or interests.

Other purely decorative ideas include incorporating floral arrangements, framed photos, and scented candles.  A centered floral arrangement with oversized, colorful flowers can create a bold statement.  Using a unique or unusually-shaped vase adds another bold decorative touch to any room, further accenting the room’s focal point.  Displaying family photos can be quite welcoming to any guest, adding comfort and a personal touch to one’s overall home design, regardless of style or theme.  Furthermore, a mini candle display with decorative rocks is ideal for contemporary-styled homes, reflecting minimalism while providing a strong contrast in elements, glass, stone, and wax or soy.

Due to their versatility and elegance, it is also essential to note that glass coffee tables are significantly decorative in themselves.  Thus, sometimes simplicity is ideal when it comes to decorating your glass coffee table.  Nevertheless, choose decor that reflects your style and needs.

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