The Right Office Furniture Can Help Define Your Workspace

March 11, 2011

Most people would agree that furnishing an office is a fairly straightforward task. A desk, a comfortable work chair and some basic shelving units comprise all one needs to create a functional workspace. Although these statements are true, putting some extra thought into the way you organize your office, and particularly, your selection of office furniture, can help to transform the space into one that expresses your personality and is conducive to work.

One way in which individuals can personalize their workspace simply and effectively is by considering the many available styles of bookcases and shelves. While important as a practical means of storage, shelves and bookcases can also provide interesting visual effects, and can be used to display items other than reading material. In fact, modern bookcases are not just limited to the category of office furniture, but can prove effective additions to virtually any room within a home or workplace.

Traditionally, shelves and bookcases offered limited decor possibilities. Popular options included heavy cases that were large and imposing, or wall units that lent a clinical feel to any room. Modern office furniture options are far more varied however, and while the above-mentioned styles are still popular and appropriate in many cases, individuals will find that they have access to considerably more variety in both style and function.

Choosing the right office furniture will always depend upon the room it is intended for. In the case of bookshelves, their design will also depend upon the volume of books and other items you wish to store or display. If you have a large volume of reading materials but wish to avoid the heavy appearance of one large bookshelf, consider using smaller, less imposing designs at strategic points throughout the room. For instance, you might choose matching curios for placement in different parts of the room for symmetry. Another popular modern design is cube shelving: As opposed to vertical units with uniformly-shaped horizontal shelves, choose a square unit with smaller cube compartments. Eliminate heaviness by storing books in some of the cubes and decorative touches, such as framed pictures or curio items, in others.

If you have the luxury of not only choosing your office furniture, but designing your entire office space, you may wish to consider building shelving units directly into the walls. Permanent shelves or alcoves add textural variety to the room, while making it unique and perfectly suited to the volume of materials you need to store.

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