Comparing The Different Varieties Of Roman Shades

March 12, 2011

Modern roman shades have a lot of different varieties. It is not surprising to say that it is one of the reasons why people are having a slightly difficult time in selecting which shade to buy. The other reason is of course the fact that most roman shades are not exactly affordable and as a result, people shy away from this type of product. How then does one particular window shade compare to other types of roman shades and even those that belong to the affordable bracket?

Simply put, there should be no difference between the various types of roman shades. Whether sold at full price or at a price that is cheaper, roman shades have little or no variation between them. They serve the same function, have the same architecture, share the same mechanism (more or less) and have designs that exude quality and class in an unmistakable fashion. Where does the point of comparison start? The price is one differentiating factor. Cheap roman shades are similar to their fully priced counterparts and more or less share the same features. The difference lies in the fabrics used and the additional functions, apart of course from keeping the sun out.

Blackout roman shades are able to provide total sun block without the addition of many different materials. A simple blackout fabric is used in order to keep the sun from entering the room. Temperature regulating roman shades, such as the so-called soft roman shade, is able to provide a cooling effect, in the sense that it is able to keep out not only some portions of the sun, but even the warm air that accompanies it as it attempts to infiltrate the home. Thermal shades do exactly the opposite, which is why it is more or less used during the colder parts of the year. By retaining the indoor air and temperature, it maintains a warm environment conducive for human living and functioning.

All these shades can be found cheap and though they may not necessarily be new or full priced or slightly out season, it cannot be denied that the functionality still remains and that the different varieties are due to the different additional functions that it is able to accomplish.

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