Where To Place Eyelet Curtains?

April 26, 2011

There are so many rooms in the home which you can decorate in the style of your preference. A different room will require a different attention in decorating because of the nature of their purpose and use. Curtains are an essential part of home decor and they need to be selected with care because (more…)

Top Three Designs for Spring Inspired Window Coverings

April 25, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

Spring is in bloom, but how can you tell through those heavy and opaque curtains? It’s time to take down your heavy winter window coverings and bring out your spring inspired ones! Don’t have any? Well, here are our top three favorite window covering designs for spring. (more…)

Having Fun While Removing Window Frames

April 22, 2011

Replacing drafty, old single pane windows and their window frames is a fantastic way to update the looks of the home while keeping people more comfortable and reducing the amount of energy used for heating and cooling. Having fun while making this energy efficient change is easy.  If a person knows which end of the hammer to use, that person can replace window frames. All the do-it-yourselfer needs is a bit of courage, the right tools and information. By learning these simple tricks, anyone can afford this attention-getting home improvement. (more…)

Comparing The Different Varieties Of Roman Shades

March 12, 2011

Modern roman shades have a lot of different varieties. It is not surprising to say that it is one of the reasons why people are having a slightly difficult time in selecting which shade to buy. The other reason is of course the fact that most roman shades are not exactly affordable and as a result, people shy away from this type of product. How then does one particular window shade compare to other types of roman shades and even those that belong to the affordable bracket? (more…)

The Right Window Decor Can Enhance or Define a Room

March 11, 2011

Window decor is one aspect of interior design that is often and easily overlooked. Much time is spent selecting furniture, flooring, and even lighting fixtures, but it is rarely acknowledged that the right window decor can have a great impact on the overall appearance and atmosphere of a room. Go beyond Venetians, and discover the huge variety of window dressings available. (more…)

Why Choose Motorized Blinds?

March 10, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

Window blinds and shades can be so frustrating. You finally sit down and turn on that movie you’ve been dying to see and of course, there is a glare on the screen from the windows. You then have to get up and fumble around with the tangled cords at the correct angle to get them to move. We’ve all experienced this. Why not consider getting motorized window blinds or shades! (more…)

Thought About Bay Windows?

March 9, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

Bay windows are windows that project outwards from your home and create some extra space. Many of these are in conjunction with window seats or placed above kitchen sinks. Bay windows provide an illusion of a larger room by allowing more natural light to flow throughout your home. (more…)

Designing Your Own Drapes: Choosing the Right Window Fabric

February 24, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

You’ve decided. Designing your own drapes rather than choosing premade store bought ones is the better way of getting that new look your home has needed. You’ve picked the windows and you’re ready to get started. The most important decision that you have to make for this whole process is which window fabric you want to purchase. (more…)

Treat Your Home to Rolling Window Shades

February 23, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

While you may have the preconceived notion that rolling window shades are cheap and tacky, today’s modern shades have become trendy and classy and will greatly enhance the sophistication of your home. (more…)

Double Casement Windows Offer Style and Practicality

February 17, 2011

By: Alisa Manzelli

Casement windows, signature for having windows hinged at the side of its frame, are more practical and fashionable than many other styles due to such design construction.  (more…)

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