Five Summertime Fireplace Ideas: from Dull to WOW

May 24, 2011

Five Summertime Fireplace Ideas: from Dull to WOW A living room fireplace is naturally a major focal point. With a few creative fireplace ideas, this warm and welcoming stage can astonish visitors by bringing new life and interest to the area. These five fantastic, easy-to-do decorating suggestions create lasting impressions: soft and mellow lights, big and bold themes, natural displays, brag-a-lot collections and works of art.

1.  Soft and Mellow Lights

Just because it is warm weather does not mean the fireplace needs to be dark and dreary. An assortment of lit candles creates flickering light to be enjoyed any time. The candles can be placed in the candelabra, on a tray or in individual stands of varying heights. Adding branches, dried flowers, mirrors or brightly colored, shiny ribbons brings color.  A string of white Christmas lights wrapped around firewood or a softly glowing lamp highlighting pine cones are just a few fireplace ideas that sparkle.

2.  Big and Bold Themes

Using fireplace ideas to celebrate events can become addictive. A Father’s Day theme features a fishing basket on the mantle and a pole leaning against it with vests, waders, lures and brochures arranged inside the box.  For the Fourth of July, a picnic basket, stars and stripes flags and red, white and blue themes decorate this interesting area.

3.  Natural Displays

This natural setting loves to show off and display whatever is placed there. Bouquets of flowers or shimmering green houseplants bring life to the room and accolades for fireplace ideas. Highlighting small green treasures like African violets or draping spider plants on the mantle while using the hearth for willowy English ivy and flowering mums lets every plant shine.

4.  Brag-a-lot Collections

This unique stage displays prized collections. Whether the homeowner is proud of the 53 salt-and-pepper sets, antique fishing reels, childhood dolls, colorful hats or cowboy boots, now is the perfect time to publicly enjoy these objects. Conversations will never be dull when visitors encounter this unusual grouping.

5.  Works of Art

Using the blank canvas of an unused firebox to display works of art is the most creative of all the fireplace ideas. Groups of pictures, semi-professional photographs, sculptures, clay creations or garden art displayed here intrigue viewers. Treasures can be collected all year for this summertime fun.

With these five extraordinary fireplace ideas, the fireplace is a captivating event. By using lights, themes, natural goods, favorite groups and art, this arena shimmers with fun. The living room is a delightful place all summer long.

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