Corner Shelf Units: Wood or Plastic?

May 4, 2011

It is definitely not an easy job to decorate a room and achieve a nice, harmonious symmetry and balance. To achieve that perfect or let’s say near perfect balance, one may have to move around a lot of bits of furniture. One is also required to make sure that after making all the required adjustments, there is still enough room left to entertain the guests (more…)

The Right Office Furniture Can Help Define Your Workspace

March 11, 2011

Most people would agree that furnishing an office is a fairly straightforward task. A desk, a comfortable work chair and some basic shelving units comprise all one needs to create a functional workspace. Although these statements are true, putting some extra thought into the way you organize your office, and particularly, your selection of office furniture, can help to transform the space into one that expresses your personality and is conducive to work. (more…)

Protect Your Office Furnishings with an Office Chair Mat

March 9, 2011

By: Emmalie Kipp

Home flooring is expensive. Whether you have carpets, linoleum or wood flooring, it’s important to keep your investments in good condition. Protecting your office furnishings is a way to lengthen their lifespan. One way to do this is by making sure that you use an office chair mat. (more…)

Fish Tanks: A Home Office Furniture Alternative

February 17, 2011

By: Alisa Manzelli

According to the rules of “good feng shui”, aquariums attract the energy of wealth and abundance, so the addition of a fish tank is a great idea to complement your home office furniture.  (more…)

Essential Office Furnishings For Any Home Office

December 1, 2010

Essential Office Furnishings For Any Home Office

Setting up a home office is essential for anyone who works from home. It can be done very simply in fact, some people set up a small office in a corner of their living area or bedroom and work quite comfortably from there, using regular home furnishings. If you have an extra room, however, you may find it more conducive to set up your office furnishings there instead. (more…)

Furnish Home Offices In An Easy Way

October 29, 2010

Furnish Home Offices In An Easy Way

Have you ever taken a look at how most furnish home offices?  It is generally a mix of furniture that makes the room look less like an office and more like any other room of the house.  Home furnishings are fine to use, but when one works from home, one should at least try to have a usable space. (more…)

Consider Office Equipment Reviews When Furnishing Your Home Office

September 22, 2010

Consider Office Equipment Reviews When Furnishing Your Home Office

When considering the home office, equipment and furnishings are typically the first things to come to mind. However, it can be a daunting task when considering that home office furnishings can be very expensive, and it’s hard not to get ripped off as a misguided consumer. This guide will lay out office equipment reviews and list a variety of pros and cons for each. (more…)

Ergonomic Office Furniture

August 11, 2010

By: Kelly Goldthorpe

As if going to work wasn’t painful enough, without the proper support from comfortable home office furnishings you may experience more stress and tension from the furniture. Ergonomic is a termed used to describe things that are easy to use and do not stress you physically or mentally more than necessary. A key component in ergonomic design is user-customization, meaning you can adjust the item to fit your needs and specifications. Below are some things to look for in your office furniture to make sure it is ergonomic. (more…)

Tips For Decorating Your Home Office

Essential Office Furnishings For Any Home OfficeIn recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people in the US that work from home. Some of them have started their own businesses, some may telecommute from a distant location, and others work from home to take care of children or relatives. A Home Office is a necessity, it allows you to stay organized and get work tasks done. (more…)

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