Five Simple Urban Garden Ideas

May 16, 2011

By: Alisa Manzelli

For those living in urban areas, it is not always easy to get the most out of your small garden.  Just because you live in the city or a small apartment does not mean that you cannot enjoy having your own home garden.  Here are some easy steps you can take to optimize your small space while highlighting every square inch. (more…)

Spring Flowers Add Color and Light to Any Home’s Exterior

April 13, 2011

Whether you are a homeowner with a garden patch or you live in an apartment, planting or purchasing spring flowers will help to make your home more colorful and welcoming. In colder climates especially, the spring air carries with it a sense of new life and renewal. Planting spring flowers, either directly in the soil or in window pots and hangers, is an ideal way of bringing the energy and hopeful spirit of the season to your home’s exterior. (more…)

Spring Prep Tips for Your Landscape

By: Emmalie Kipp

Your home’s landscaping is not something you should think about only once a year. While the warm seasons are upon us, it’s time to get prepared! The beginning of spring is a vital time for preparing your landscape and the projects you intend to do over the next few months. Here are some tips for ways to prepare (more…)

Using Concrete Stamps

April 1, 2011

Using concrete stamps is a great affordable way to create a luxurious appearance in any area of your home whether outside or in.  This process is able to replicate the look of field stone, slate, cobblestone, and expensive brick which will add value and appeal to your home.  Concrete stamps are available in different shapes and designs allowing you to achieve the look you desire, while saving time and money in comparison to other options. (more…)

Lawn Care Tips: How To Build Strong Turf

March 17, 2011

Letting your turf get out of hand by not properly maintaining it will lead to several problems. While keeping it mowed is helpful, there are lawn care tips that should be followed in order to make your turf look nice and even. (more…)

Incorporating Backyard Hedges into Your Landscape Design

February 28, 2011

By: Alisa Manzelli

Backyard hedges are a great alternative to wood and brick fencing.  They provide privacy and create ambiance while being a part of one’s overall landscape design.  And if you live on a large lot, backyard hedges are also a great way to divide space. (more…)

Home Exterior Landscape Design: Subtle Landscape Lights

December 9, 2010

Home Exterior Landscape designs subtle lighting

By: Tanner Lesley

When designing any landscape consider the possibility of outdoor lighting. Outdoor lamps can light paths while creating an enjoyable backyard atmosphere. No home exterior landscape design can be complete without the use of landscape lighting. (more…)

Using Buffalo Grass In Your Landscape Designs

December 1, 2010

Using Buffalo Grass In Your Landscape Designs

If you are undertaking a landscaping project for your yard, you should definitely consider various options for the choice of grass before you get started.  Using the right grass in landscape designs is very important as it will affect everything from how much watering and maintenance is required, to the feel of the grass underneath your feet. Of course, climate needs to be considered since different grasses thrive in different climate conditions, so be sure you know how different varieties will perform in your locale before making a decision.


Retraining Stubborn Landscape with a Retaining Wall

September 1, 2010


By Keby Boyer

If the world is anything, it’s hilly. Some might even say down right mountainous. That uneven lawn upon which your house sits has more in common with backyards in Greece and New England than you think. Whether it’s in a city like San Francisco or acreage in the Australian outback, the one complaint numerous home owners have about their landscape design is the wasted space in their yards due to varying ground levels, gullies, and steep slopes. (more…)

Best Plants for Indoor Landscaping

August 11, 2010

By:  Danielle McVicar

Have you always dreamed of having a stunning garden but live in an apartment or just don’t have the yard space?  Never fear; there are many, many gorgeous plants that you can grow in your home just as beautifully! (more…)

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