Preserve the Life of Your Mattress and Sleep Soundly with the Right Mattress Cleaner Techniques

April 13, 2011

Mattresses fall in the category of essential household furniture that is too often taken for granted and improperly cared for. While virtually every person owns a mattress, most of those same individuals are unaware of how to properly clean and maintain that important possession. Knowing the best mattress cleaner techniques can not only help to extend the life of your mattress, but (more…)

Why Ottoman Beds And Divan Beds Are So Great

March 22, 2011

There are many bed styles to choose from when deciding which piece of furniture will fit perfectly into your bedroom.  Ottoman beds are one of the options that you may choose due to their elegant styles.  This type of bed also adds more storage space to a room.  This is the perfect bed to choose for any type of room that you want to give an elegant appeal to. (more…)

Benefits of a Pillow Top Mattress

March 9, 2011

A pillow top mattress is an ordinary bed with springs that has extra layers of cushion on top of the spring base. They still have the necessary firmness brought by the base springs underneath, but they also have extra soft cushioning on top for added comfort and support. Sleeping with a pillow top mattress has many benefits to your sleep and comfort.

If you are having trouble sleeping, possibly because your mattress is too uncomfortable and doesn’t give you the proper support you need, the extra layer of cushion brought by the pillow top may be just what you need. This cushion makes the mattress much more comfortable to sleep on allowing you to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. At the same time, it is still firm from the base springs below.

A firm bed is also important for the support of your body. A firm innerspring system gives adequate support to all parts of the body including the head, neck, and back, all while adding necessary cushion. Support is important to ensure that you wake up well-rested and in good condition. It helps keep you from waking up sore and achy.

If you share a bed with someone else, the extra cushion layer helps to absorb your movements or the other person’s movements. Absorbing the movements prevents disturbing each other while you sleep. This means you’ll be less likely to wake each other up.

There are several different types of extra cushioned beds on the market. Some use three layers of foam and fibers, polyester cluster fiber, or other forms of stuffing and cushioning. Trying out the different types of mattresses available, such as a Serta pillowtop mattress or a Simmons pillowtop mattress. Trying out different types will allow you to find the one that gives you the best sleep.

If the bed you sleep on is the culprit of your poor sleep, sleeping on a new bed may give you almost immediate relief to aches and pain, and it will help you feel more rested in the morning.

Unique Bedroom Furniture Makes a Kid’s Room Special

January 6, 2011

Unique Bedroom Furniture Makes a Kids Room Special

Most children enjoy special bedroom furniture that reflects their personalities and interests. However, their attraction to certain colors and themes changes over the years, so if you want to be practical, choose sturdy high quality furniture pieces in a basic style, and add distinctive accessories to set a theme that you can change as they grow.


Kids Bedroom Furniture-Less is more

Kids bedroom furniture less is more

By: Tanner Lesley

When browsing for kids’ bedroom furniture less can be more. Instead of purchasing several pieces of furniture, consider multi-functioning furniture pieces that will take up less space.


Storage Cabinets for the Nursery

December 17, 2010

Storage Cabinets for the Nursery

By: Tanner Lesley

When creating a nursery for the newest family member, incorporate storage cabinets designed specifically for the nursery. People sometimes underestimate the amount of supplies and items that come with having a baby. For individuals who did not anticipate or do not have extra room to store these items, storage cabinets in the nursery provide the perfect solution.


College Bedroom Decor

November 29, 2010

College Bedroom Decor

By: Tanner Lesley

The transition into college means artistic freedom, fewer boundaries, and expression of personal style. For many individuals the college experience may provide first-timers the ability to furnish, decorate, and execute a bedroom decor of their very own. The endless freedom of design can be a challenge or burden to college students. If you’re decorating your first college bedroom or considering changing your previous bedroom decor look no further.


Tips for Decorating with Mirrored Dressers

October 31, 2010

A new addition to your bedroom furniture would mean having one more piece to decorate. One of the many advantages you will get with a mirrored dresser is that they are quite easy to fit in. Still, you can’t just get anything out there and expect it to fit in with your room. This being the case, let’s look into some things you should remember about decorating your mirrored piece. (more…)

Arranging Master Bedrooms

August 10, 2010

By: Kelly Goldthorpe

Arranging your master bedroom can be difficult regardless of whether you’re short on space or have quite a bit of square footage. You want to make your master bedroom feel comfortable without looking sparse or too crowded. Decorating your bedroom will help you feel at home, instead of like you’re sleeping in a hotel room. (more…)

Sleep on it: A Guide to Buying a Bed

By: Kelly Goldthorpe

The bedroom is named after the one critical piece of furniture present in any space, the bed. It has to be comfy and large enough so that you don’t experience discomfort when going to bed. While many people know the different sizes of beds, ranging from twin to king, you may not be aware of the different types of beds that are available.


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